Friday, January 15, 2010

To my grandparents

It's my grandfather's birthday. I love celebrating his birthdays, for every year (every day) with him is a gift. Aside from buying him a new wool sweater (he insisted that it HAD to be 100% wool and said, by the way, not to worry about that bottle of cognac I promised him for the New Year's, he already bought it himself), I wanted to post a poem I wrote 11 years ago. Since the time I wrote it, I hadn't been able to find a better expression for how I feel about my grandparents. Of course, this is a translation from the original Russian version.

I am the continuation of your river,
I am a sunbeam from your sunlight,
I am a star, and my sky
Is your love and understanding.

I am the symbol of your depth and height,
The symbol of your victory over the cruel fate,
I am like the spring flower growing
Upon your welcoming soil.

I am the rhyme in your song,
A melody made up of simple and clear tones.
In the fields of life, I am a little straw,
And you are my summer rain, my sustenance.


Anonymous said...

Rina, that's beautiful. They must be very proud of you.

D said...

Beautiful poem! A great family full of love!

Anonymous said...

do you think you can post it in Russian? it's beautiful my friend ...

Rina Koshkina said...

I will. :-) Thanks so much for you kinds comments