Friday, February 15, 2013

About Love

The other day I saw a Valentine's day commercial.  It showed a box with a small heart pendant which was surrounded by heart-shaped chocolates. The slogan said that if you get diamonds and chocolate "you know you are loved".

At first I chuckled - does anyone really fall for this!! - but then it got me thinking...The advertisers are at times on to something. The most effective advertising is one which taps into our deepest fears and desires. And this one, with all its obviousness and cheesiness, struck a cord. Why? Because feeling loved is critically important to well-being. So how can you know that you are loved (hint - I don't think diamonds and chocolates are the right barometer)? I mean, really loved, in the deepest and biggest sense of the word? 
  • I feel loved when I remember my grandpa, grandma and my mom. Their love energy is always with me. When I was a baby (maybe a toddler),  the story goes that I used to demand that  all of them - mom, grandpa, and grandma especially - should be within my sight when I was in a stroller. It created all kinds of strange and probably uncomfortable walking arrangements, but they happily complied.  I guess, like every baby, I wanted to make sure I can physically see them to truly know I am loved. That's how I imagine them now, by my side, taking every step I take. Although I can't see them, I know I am loved.
  • I feel loved sitting on comfortable (slightly worn out) couch, wrapped in a warm fuzzy throw, holding hands with two of my favorite men; one hand is small and fits neatly inside mine while the other envelopes my hand.
  • I feel loved when something I worked hard on actually turns  into something tangible and positive. I know that creative energy (all energy) comes from a mysterious, boundless place and I feel loved when I am fortunate enough to tap into it.
  • I feel loved when I realize the dots on my life's journey, like distant stars that I didn't even know existed, are connecting into an amazing constellation.
  • I feel loved when I screw up royally and the sky does not fall, and I know that it's ok.
I recently read a book called "Proof of Heaven".  It's the account of Dr. Eben Alexander's personal near-death experience. In this book he shares the wisdom he brought from heaven. The messages are simple (one may argue that they are a bit too simple to be dispatched from heaven. But then again, isn't everything true, brilliant and pure also simple?) These messages, in a nutshell, are:
  • You are loved and cherished.
  • You have nothing to fear.
  • The single most important force in the Universe is unconditional Love.
So, about Love (with an intential big L), imagine what the world would be like if all of us knew that we are loved, all the time, no matter what? That would be cool. I am down for that.