Friday, November 1, 2013

About time

Time flies, people say...
Questions swirl and dance on the floor of my mind:

How did it become November?
Did I feel everything I was meant to feel?
Will it get windy and cold and will it be alright?
Will I still remember what I must not forget?
Have I become better?

Time flies, they say...
Life smiles a frank smile: "Too fast for you kid?"

And answers swirl around the ceiling of my soul:
November came simply and quietly after October, as it should have, as it always does.
You felt what you should have, as you always do, as you always will.
It will get windy and cold, but it is going to be alright, as it always is, as it always has been.
Your mind won't remember but your soul will, as it always does, as it always will.
You have become more of who you are, as you are meant to be, as you always will be.