Monday, September 14, 2009

Life after 25(ish) - Top 10 (or so) Lessons Learned

1.Some stars are blinking at the rate of your heartbeat
2.A child's laughter can be heard billions of miles away on the star that blinks at the rate of your heartbeat
3.As I get older my tears taste saltier. But my disposition gets sweeter.
4.Being a millionaire requires…well, having at least a million dollars (give or take). FEELING like a millionaire, requires a specific mindset.
5.Time doesn't heal, just covers up the symptoms (like Tylenol).
6.Black really DOES go with everything (not mention, it makes you look thinner)
7.Living your purpose requires A LOT of selfless sacrifices from those who love you unconditionally
8.Having wrinkles is a privilege (not that I have any!)
9.There is no scarcity. There is just abundance.
10.It’s darn hard to narrow down so many years of life into just 10 lessons. So, here are 4 more as a bonus!
11.You can choose your own family. Blood is NOT always thicker than water.
12.One of the hardest things to do is to just BE.
13.Reasons fail. Possibility of love endures.
14.The sun always rises in the morning.