Saturday, January 29, 2011


A website I recently stumbled upon – – really inspired me. It’s a simple blog that celebrates the AWEsomeness of life, the joy, the crazy goodness of it all. Naturally, I began to wonder, what would I list as awesome in my life. So, here is just a sampling of a few things that came to mind:
  • Parfait yogurt in the cafeteria at my work – It consists of vanilla yogurt, granola and fruit. It’s exactly what I want and they have it for $3.50, almost every day. How awesome it is to get exactly what you want, exactly when you want it.
  • Being able to celebrate my grandfather's 89th birthday – WITH him and the rest of the family, while scolding him for drinking a bit too much cognac. Awesome!
  • Sleeping on the window-side of the bed – Makes me feel like I live in a tree house or a nest (in a good way). I climb into the bed, say “good night” to the moon shining through the window and turn off the light. Pure awesomeness!
  • Amazon Kindle – For book junkies like me who read multiple books at the same time, carrying all of them around was tough. So, along came Amazon Kindle which can hold over 1000 books and you can read them all at the same time! Kindle was the best splurge in the past few years that just keeps on giving!
  • Someone saying "thank you for inspiring me" – Such a miraculous and beautiful thing for any mere mortal to touch another mere mortal’s soul. To hear the acknowledgement of this wondrous moment is awesome!
  • Spending 5 almost un-interrupted hours with your best friend whom you’ve known for 20 years – Don’t get me wrong. Such a foray is not entirely guilt-free - due to the potential emotional wounds inflicted on the left-behind husbands, children and pets during your time “away” – but totally awesome!
  • Being loved…in spite of yourself – It’s such a miracle to be loved by one person. Knowing that you are deeply loved by many, just the way you are, is just crazy good, or should I say “awesome” :-)
  • WQXR – It’s a NYC classical music station which has been my companion since I was a kid. Press a button or turn the dial and the sheer beauty just pours out of the radio - for FREE. Totally awesome!
  • Being a grad student and not being in rush to graduate - just enjoying the process. Crazy awesome!
  • Watching your child eat healthy food, reading out loud, catching snow flakes with his tongue, sleeping – In fact, watching your child do anything is awesome. I often catch myself thinking, "wow, a whole real person. So glad you decided to live here with us. Have another peach, please!"
What are the awesome things in your life right now? Notice them, name them, revel in them and celebrate them!

Life is good. Life is AWESOME!