Friday, January 22, 2010


Sometimes, albeit rarely, I get these distinct, magical moments of clarity. Some of them are so brief and fleeting that I make a conscious effort to pause, pay attention and experience them to the fullest degree. I try to savor the sweet taste of knowledge, the joy of figuring out a little piece of the puzzle, and an internal inaudible, but very real giggle of my essential self…Today’s moment was like a clear stream, which washed away everything unnecessary and left just one polished, pretty pebble.

This is how it happens...

Everything (everything earthly that is) suddenly disappears. Silence. I imagine myself kneeling down to a stream. I taste its water, thankful to quench my thirst. And then I see the pebble meant just for me. There is a short message on the pebble. It’s written in some long forgotten ancient tongue, but somehow I am confident I can read the letters. I am curious, what does it say? I take it in my hands – it feels nice. I’ve always loved everything shiny and polished. I look closely at the pebble – it’s small, smooth, dark gray with little speckles of white. I give it a little squeeze. It’s nested nicely in my hand. I close my eyes. Would have been so easy to miss it in the stream, so easy to never even find it. But here it is, now in my hand. All I need to do is decipher the message inscribed.

I unclench my fist. My palm is wet. I take a deep breath.. I smell the freshness of the air. The pebble catches the sun’s ray and throws me a flirty sparkle, inviting me to read it. I bring it closer to my face. I read. It says, “Go on”. That’s all. Clarity and wisdom are not chatty sisters.

I smile. “Go on”. I feel light. I can manage that. I go on.

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Anonymous said...

You are a true artist, Rina. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, inspirational insight.