Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yesterday I was standing on a back porch of my new house. my son was taking a nap, so I knew I had a few uninterrupted moments alone.I was holding the wooden railing (or perhaps it was holding me?) and looked all around thinking "I am now a landlord. I own this piece of earth...
Landlord - speaking literally, I am the lord of this land." That sounded so funny I laughed out loud.I looked up at the sky. A plane was gliding through massive blueness of the sky. Clouds hugged it in their fluffy shawls. The untouched snow on the ground glistened under the sun. Two black crows hopped around making three-pronged footsteps. I saw the neighbors fixing an old Buick. The cold winter air was like a decongestant medicine for the soul.
In the movie "Birdcage" there is a beautiful scene with the two main characters played by Robin Williams and Nathan Lane - a gay couple, deciding the rest of their lives. Williams' character offers the other to co-sign a contract for a night club they founded. "Sign here" says Williams "and give me half of it". "Who owns it now?" exclaims Lane's character in bewilderment. "You do" says Williams. "You own half of my life or I own half of yours. What difference does it make?"
World lord. Yes. This is who I am. I own this land, the sky, the plane, the cold air. I own this world. My world...and it owns me. We are partners. We have a contract and it’s cosigned.
Landlord, World lord...a humbled human, a crow....What difference does it make?

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