Sunday, May 22, 2011

In memory of my Mom

A little poem that I wrote for my mom in January 1998:
Картина Климта не сложна,
В любви написана она,
Той безкорыстной и простой,
Той материнско и святой:
Вот мать, вот дочь,
Вокруг цветы,
Всё так понятно - я и ты.

Klimt’s painting isn’t complicated.
With love and care it was created.
With love that’s unconditional and simple,
A mother’s love which is sacred.
A mother, a daughter,
Flowers are all around.
Everything is very clear: it’s you and I.


Anonymous said...

Rina, it's beautiful

Anya S

Anonymous said...

What a celebration of love. What a wonderful poem.


Anonymous said...

Rina, you celebrate her love beautifully in the poem and every day you "mother" Adam ...


Anonymous said...

So very sweet and so endearing. Your dear mother was as lucky to have you as you her. Cherish the fond memories. XOXO Bob & Ruth

Anonymous said...

Your mother's heart lives on in you.


Terry said...

Rina, thank you so much for sharing your lovely thoughts with us. Also the very nice Klimt.

梵婗 Fanny Lawren said...


I translated it into Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rina, what a peaceful way to remember your mom -- something so personal and loving -- her memory lives on in you.


D said...

beautiful and touching.....