Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Lessons after 25 (ish) – Part 2

Turning yet another page in the calendar of my life, I can’t help but create another set of “lessons learned” (granted, I would  NOT say that I am done learning these lessons and truly live by them. But I really want to):

1. Don’t reserve saying I love you for special occasions. Just do it. Your tongue isn’t going to fall off. I promise.

2. Try not to try too hard. Shit is going to hit the fan anyway. You might as well not rush the process.

3. People don't change; they become more and more themselves. Mary Karr, the author of many cool books, wrote: "Every woman signs up thinking that her husband will change...every husband signs up believing his wife won't: both dead wrong."

4. The more you worry about the others, the more the Universe is going to extend its helping hand to you. Try it! It really works.

5. It’s not going to seem like the right choice every day, but still do try to marry someone you can’t live without (as oppose to someone you can live with).

6. It’s tough enough that children don’t come with an instructions manual or returns and exchanges policies; on top of that they’ve got you in the palm of their tiny little hands waaaaaay before they are even born. Basically, you are screwed before you know it, and you LOVE it anyway.

7. Time doesn’t really heal. Just covers up the symptoms. Like Tylenol. Hey, better than nothing.

8. Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world” (and I would add “stop whining that nothing good ever happens. Make it happen.”)

9. A recipe for a tasty therapy: 2 cups of flour (give or take), 1 egg, milk (enough to make a gooey mixture). Mix it all up, add some oil on the pan and start making blintzes. Listen to your heart through out the process.

10. Martha Beck taught me this one: The best way to be endlessly fascinating and attractive to others, is by creating an amazing, fascinating life for yourself, focusing on all the things you love do and be. So, get busy!

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