Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My mom is ill.
Nothing I can do but to stand still.

Fate pounds at the door with much zeal.
I am pretending that my soul is made of steel.
But this is how I really feel:

I am halting a hurricane with butterfly wings,
I am stopping a fire with a tear stream.

I am flying to the moon on rusty swings,
I am listening for a melody but I can’t sing.

I am building a dream castle out of thin air,
I am fixing an engine that's beyond repair.

I am whispering a prayer into the merciful Space
And all I am hearing in my head is, “Impact imminent. Brace!”


Unknown said...

Best wishes to her.

D said...

Glod blesses good people. The greatest healing therapy is love, which she is getting from you all the time.