Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things I value

A short list of "valuables"

- Passion - Enthusiasm, passion at least about one aspect of one's life
- Ability to laugh - Having and/or appreciating a sense of humor
- Authenticity – Being "real", comfortable in ones own skin
- Honesty – Especially honesty with yourself
- "Glass half full" attitude - Ability to see opportunities as oppose, or at least in addition, to impediments
- Basic courtesy - self explanatory
- Courage – Especially courage to ask questions, acknowledge you made a mistake; courage to apologize and to propose a solution
- Flexibility - Planning things in advance yet being flexible to adapt to new ideas and approaches AND being okay with it
- Intention - Have a sense of intention in things one does, not simply following orders (remember the saying “do it for your own reason or don’t do it at all”)
- A commitment to living one's best life - taking responsibility for one's own life
- Grace - especially under fire
- Generosity of spirit - embracing the world with the deep underlying notion that we ARE all ONE.

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