Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To beloved grandma (10.24.27 – 5.25.08)

Fly away my treasure…
May your beauty be chiseled into the book of life.

Fly away my beloved…
May your love energy embrace the whole universe.
May your legendary angelic radiance cure all ills and mend all sorrows.

Fly away my irreplaceable…
May your butterfly wings carry you all the way to heaven.
May your soul be as light as air.
May your eternal rest be as peaceful as a quite autumn rain.

Fly away…and stay with me forever.


Fanny Lawren 梵婗 said...

Love it. Very beautiful.
I have translated it. See http://fannylawren.com/thoughts/rina-koshkina

Unknown said...

I have read it from Fanny Lawren. Your grandma will be happy in heaven.